One Of The Top Paleo Breakfast Recipes

Here is an incredible in demand paleo breakfast recipe.

It is on an omelette that’s been associated with many of the most highly regarded paleo recipe guides that can be purchased.

The good news is you have everything arranged down below totally free!
Keep reading to locate the recipe and above all, enjoy it!

The following omelette is milk free, and is dairy free should you use coconut oil rather than butter. Additionally, it is also grain/gluten free.

I actually kept sugar out of the mixture even though I have alternatives to add honey and fruit to serve along with it.

What we need for our Paleo Breakfast Recipes

Only two whole eggs, beaten
1 tsp. vanilla extract
A single T. butter/ghee or coconut oil, to cook with
Optional to offer: (see beneath for ideas)

1. Within a bowl beat the vanilla with the eggs until eventually thick. Set-aside.
2. Warm the butter inside the frying pan upon moderate heat until the butter has melted and began bubbling.
3. Add some egg mix in to the pan being confident that the mix is evenly spread throughout the pan.
4. Cook until finally it’s firm and all the fluid has cooked. Collapse the omelette over itself after which you can serve how you would like.

Items to serve together with the special breakfast time omelette:

Toasted almonds, lemon curd and honey
Nut butters such as almond and macadamia
Fresh fruit such as banana, apple and strawberries
Load with lemon curd
A dollop of yoghurt or perhaps sour cream
A dollop of whipped coconut cream
Sprinkle of cinnamon
Sliced pecans